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vat and tax consulting

vat and tax consulting

ENSURE YOUR BUSINESS COMPLIES WITH THE UAE’S TAX REGULATIONS Our team will assist you in registering your business for VAT and securing an individual or corporate tax residency certificate from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

Our team of highly experienced and qualified accountants will help you easily understand and comply with the UAE’s Value Added Tax policy. We will assess your invoices, quotations, contracts and purchase orders and help you determine if your business falls under any of these two categories: mandatory and voluntary registration.

Tax Residency

Our tax advisors can assist you in securing an individual or corporate tax residency certificate from the Federal Tax Authority.

Tax Consultations
Speak one-on-one to our qualified tax experts for customised planning, so your business can achieve efficient tax outcomes whilst ensuring compliance with all your tax obligations.
FTA Portal and Documentation
From creating an online account through the FTA portal to assisting and submitting any required documents in formats mandated by the FTA, our experienced accountants will guide you through each step.
VAT Registration (TRN)
Our in-house accountants will assist in registering your business for VAT with the FTA, including providing you advice on eligibility for a VAT exception. Upon completing the registration process, you will be issued with a Tax Registration Number (TRN) certificate.


If your company has generated revenues below AED 187,500.00, then you are not yet eligible for VAT registration. If your company crosses the mandatory threshold limit, you have 20 working days to submit the application.

You need to have a corporate bank account to facilitate the registration process.

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